Polly Locomotive Kits

Photo: Polly loco.Polly loco kits need little introduction to most model engineers as they have such a reputation for performance on the track and ease of construction. The fully machined kits are aimed primarily at the complete novice although their qualities are such that we have a surprising number of experienced model engineers and clubs amongst our customers.

A Polly loco kit can help you realise your dream of building your own coal fired 5” gauge working steam loco in a remarkably short time.

See Building a Kit Loco for an indication of kit content and assembly sequence.

Models Available:
Model Photo Description
Polly I Photo: Polly I 0-4-0 side tank locomotive (approx six person capacity)

Polly I Specification
Polly II Photo: Polly II 0-4-0 tender locomotive (approx six person capacity)

Polly II Specification
Polly III Photo: Polly III 0-6-0 side tank locomotive (approx eight person capacity)

Polly III Specification
Polly IV Photo: Polly IV 0-6-0 tender locomotive (approx eight person capacity)

Polly IV Specification
Polly V Photo: Polly V 2-6-0 tank locomotive (at least eight person capacity)

Polly V Specification
Polly VI Photo: Polly VI 2-6-0 tender locomotive

Polly VI Specification
Caroline Photo: Caroline 0-4-0 tank locomotive

Caroline Specification
Suzanne Photo: Suzanne 0-6-0 tank locomotive

Suzanne Specification
Trojan Photo: Trojan 0-4-0 tank locomotive

Trojan Specification
Prairie Photo: prairie 2-6-2 tank locomotive

Prairie Specification
Molly-Ann Photo: molly-ann 0-6-0 saddle tank locomotive

Molly-Ann Specification
Atlas Photo: Atlas 0-6-0 saddle tank locomotive

Atlas Specification
Driving Truck Kit Photo: Driving Truck Driving Truck Kit

Polly Driving Truck Specification

The complete locomotives are supplied in kit form with assembly drawings and a full set of instructions. They are straightforward to build but we will always be pleased to help with queries.