Polly Locomotive Kits

Building a Kit Loco

Photo: Polly loco.Simple assembly of the fully machined kits is facilitated by:

Kit Contents

The locomotives are normally sold in twelve kit packages. This example details the individual kits for a Polly III Loco.

Example Kit Contents
Kit No. Photo Description
Kit 1 Photo: Kit 1. Frames
Kit 2 Photo: Kit 2. Wheels
Kit 3 Photo: Kit 3. Pump and Motion
Kit 4 Photo: Kit 4. Valvegear
Kit 5 Photo: Kit 5. Cylinders
Kit 6 Photo: Kit 6. Valvechests
Kit 7 Photo: Kit 7. Blastpipe and Reverser
Kit 8 Photo: Kit 8. Pipes and fittings
Kit 9: Photo: Kit 9. Boiler and Smokebox
Kit 10 Photo: Kit 10. Chimney & Cladding
Kit 11 Photo: Kit 11. Cab & running plates
Kit 12 Photo: Kit 12. Tanks and fittings