Practical Scale - Drawings and Castings

Midland Railway Compound 4-4-0 Tender Loco designed by Mike Smart

Some 25 years ago, Mike Smart designed and built a model of this classic 4-4-0. Whist many models of the Compound have been built, few are true compounds. As a professional design engineer, Mike produced a loco which has given good account of itself over many years and he continues to experiment with aspects of the compound design.

The set of drawings available for this model are what Mike describes as a ‘design study’, giving far more insight into the design process than is usual. However, this is not a simple loco to build and builders should be aware that there is a great deal of work required on their part to interpret the design.

For anyone interested in the locomotive, these drawings provide a fascinating study. Consideration is being given to a review of the design by Neville Evans to be published in Model Engineer and this may lead to the availability of parts for the model loco.

Full set of drawings are listed in the catalogue:

Catalogue Part 2