Practical Scale - Drawings and Castings

Designs in Preparation

In addition to the designs specifically described, we have a number of designs in preparation.

The technique adopted for the design of the cylinders and wheels of the GWR engines, means that we can fairly readily adapt the work which we have already done to cover other standard GWR designs. This is very similar to what Churchward and his successors did in full size!

We have already produced GA and frame drawings for a number of designs and in the light of demand as time permits these designs will be made available, together with the necessary castings and parts.

Prototypes already considered, include: Modified Hall, County (4-6-0), Saint, Mogul, 28XX, County (4-4-0). Preliminary consideration has been given to the 2 cylinder tank engines and the inside cylindered 0-6-0 engines.

We would be pleased to hear of interest from prospective builders in order that we may prioritise developments.