Practical Scale - Drawings and Castings

GWR Penrhos Grange 4-6-0 Tender Loco designed by Neville Evans

The GWR 4-6-0 Grange is in the judgement of many, the most successful of the modern Great Western locos. The model attempts to bring model engineering into the 21st Century with use of modern technology to create parts which improve the fidelity of the model and save considerable time in building.Whereas Neville Evans early articles in Model Engineer envisaged adaptation of parts from Torquay Manor in order to create the Grange; the design of a new cylinder has permitted the rapid development of a completely new loco design.

The new cylinder pattern produced using computer modelling and CNC machining techniques has resulted in a casting closely resembling the prototype yet accurate in dimensions and easy to machine. Wheel castings are produced in the same way and both wheels and cylinders can be supplied machined if required.

An extensive range of lost wax castings for the standard GWR parts such as tender axleboxes, brake hangers & brackets, etc, can also be used on other GWR models. Laser cut frames are available, plain or centre drilled, CNC cut platework for cab and tender is available with vast numbers of tiny holes precisely drilled, machined cab windows (front and side) closely corresponding to the prototype design (also available for 7 ¼” gauge).The lost wax casting for the safety valve cover provides the finishing touch for the model and can be adapted for other models not simply those fitted with the Standard No 1 boiler.

The Collet 3500 gallon and 4000 gallon model tender designs which have been produced for Penrhos Grange are equally applicable to a wide range of other models and the combination of laser cut frame sets plus CNC cut and drilled platework means that tender construction need no longer be the ordeal it was once seen to be.

Catalogue Part 2