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New book available!

Anthony Mount, designer of many of our stationary engine kits, has written a new book describing some of his engines.  Historic Engines Worth Modelling Volume 1 is now available, priced £12.95. Volume 2 will be available in the near future.

Our Range of Anthony Mount Models
Photo Description
Bailey’s Vertical Hot Air Chamber Engine
Bailey’s Vertical Hot Air Engine (The Bee)
Benson’s Vertical Engine
Bodmer’s Sliding Cylinder Engine 1841
Boulton and Watt Bellcrank Engine 1802
Cross Engine
Crosskill’s Oscillating Engine
  Denny Improved Ericsson Hot Air Engine
Easton and Anderson Grasshopper Beam Engine
Farcot’s Table Engine
Galloway’s Non Dead Centre Engine
James Booth’s Rectilinear Engine 1843
Kientzy Oscillating Engine

Currently serialised in Engineering in Miniature
M’ A de Polignac’s Curved Cylinder Engine

- Unfortunately this engine is currently unavailable -
Murray’s Hypocycloidal Engine
Savage Ogran Engine
Scotchcrank Engine 1846
Simpson and Shipton’s Short Stroke Engine 1851
Steeple Engine
Trapezium Connecting Rod Engine
Tuxford’s Double Side Rod Engine
Waller’s Table Engine
Whitmore and Binyon Fixed Engine *new*
Woodroffe’s “Verto” Engine 1880